alive and well ep

by gavin shea

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rock n roll man!!!


released October 22, 2012

all songs written and performed by gavin shea (with the exception of "parking lot party" composed by gavin shea and chris gill). all lyrics by gavin shea. additional instrumentation by chris gill and greg carrillo. all songs produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by chris gill @ handmade studios in nashville, tn. all art and design by conner lucas @ nerdlington intl. in orlando,fl.

love and thanks to my family and everyone involved in this project for their hard work and support.

keep up the goodness:)



all rights reserved


gavin shea Florida

"...not only a fantastic Michael Caine impersonator, but a promising up-and-comer as well. His Alive and Well EP generated quite a lot of buzz upon its release, and for good reason. If Gavin continues on his current trajectory, we should see him become one of Nashville’s heavy hitters in the not so distance future."

-Nashville's Lightning 100
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Track Name: parking lot party
call an appraiser
the guy's been at it again
"the crown prince of fine medicine"
call in a savior
the science says you've been a fool
the crowds and summertime tabs have left us all on the edge for the news

get up and go for me

tap my calls and call it a favor
track my falls and faults made
the promises
you want to be had?
want be loved?
I've had enough of it

friendly imposter
the signs say a secular truth
the crowds stampede to stare at you
now try to make it for miles at a time
you corrode my space
our friend the imposter was wrong
now we're copping the clues tooth and nail
Track Name: the brains
I should've asked what kind of mask you wear
when you go basking in the smell
of a thousand little leeches singing
"baby, you'd be better on the shelves"

I could have asked you what your head was on
when you were bashing in the brains
a thousand little pieces singing
"baby, you'd be better off the same"

you'd get them off and tell them each you were
another hobby for the mouth
a salivated creature singing
"baby, I'm a lioness" sell

can't let him break you down
let him pray for you

I should have asked you what a handle was
it took a lot for me to stay
I'm better I'm at peace I'm alone
I'm better than I say

so grind you little saver and hold it for yourself
the pounds
we'll kindly look at you when we need another round from the shelf

don't let them break you down
let them pray for you

[it sounds like your woman got the sevens and eights]
[try and understand what I do]
nobody was fine nobody heard the news
[I'm sorry about your woman and we're sobbing for you]
[but it's how I choose to re-earth]

nobody helped you
nobody had the nerve
Track Name: saturday on my ceiling
long night tripping at the golden gates
it used to be all I needed
a cannibal one time is a cannibal repeated

long night looking for a hook to set
it's saturday on my ceiling
we're selling the old ways
refine the feeling

pulling me off of the edge is a process.
to cut a path in the world is a process.
Track Name: the lazy alchemist
don't let them fall behind
it's a quarter mile to the bridge
you're letting them go
[no] i just wanna help a bit
help the bid

don't let her hit the ground
it's a quarter mile on the grid
you can tell her all you want
"all you want is in your wallet"
but there you are throwing a fit

oh the lazy alchemist is on the fritz
oh the lazy alchemist has sobered our tryst
Track Name: powderland
walking out of powderland
wishing I was anywhere but with my friends
you can't stop now

I was like a wanted man
wishing I was any way but god-damned
on a straight called "value row"

try not helping the lows
when the true whole-headed love has gone and abandoned you
lie and allude
let it pass off

I was like a wanted man
stuck down a hole
why should be anywhere?
we're not getting home

I can take it
penny loan
cautiously awaiting
as my long ride home took a break from value row.

try not making a home when the ruse has gone ahead and passed on